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Portable Ultrasound

Improved diagnostic accuracy, convenience, better care

In the last several years, affordable portable ultrasound devices that connect to smartphones have been developed. Traditionally, ultrasound studies have been performed in radiology departments by technicians and the images interpreted by radiologists. The new handheld devices, however, have made it possible for primary care physicians to perform and interpret targeted ultrasound studies during a patient visit and get immediate results. These high quality images can be incorporated into diagnostic and management decisions in real-time. There is no need for the patient to leave the home, or even get up from their chair, and there is no delay in getting results.
Emergency department physicians have been using bedside ultrasound for more than two decades and there is a wealth of research that shows that ultrasound is much more accurate than physical examination for diagnosing many common medical conditions. By using ultrasound as a supplement to physical examination, clinicians can diagnose diseases sooner and more safely treat chronic conditions.
Congestive heart failure (CHF), for example is one of the most common reasons for hospitalization, largely because physical examination is of very limited value in determining how much excess fluid patients have in their bodies. With portable ultrasound, however, very accurate assessment of fluid status can be obtained and early studies have shown that using ultrasound in the management of CHF can prevent emergency department visits and hospitalizations.
Dr. Wallace was a very early adopter of portable ultrasound as he immediately saw the benefit to his patients. He has performed and interpreted thousands of ultrasound studies and has extensive experience teaching ultrasound to medical students, residents and faculty.
Portable ultrasound is available during every in-person visit by Insight Home Physician and comes at no additional cost to the patient. There is no radiation exposure or other risks associated with ultrasound.
Portable ultrasound exemplifies the patient centered philosophy that is the foundation of home-based primary care and is just one example of the commitment of Insight Home Physicians to provide the highest quality, most advanced care to every patient.

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